Poly dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride

Polyacrylamide Used for Mining Inustry

Polyacrylamide Used for Oil Industry

Polyacrylamide Used for Industrial waste water Treatment


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About the Company

DONGYING DESHENG INDUSTRY was founded in 1990, it locates on the Yellow River delta at the Coast of Bohai Sea, Shengli Oilfield ,China's Second largest oil field ,is located in its West. She is a modern high-tech enterprise, being engaged in the research and development of the Chemicals (sewage treatment agents, paper-based additives, Mineral Processing) and Mechanical Manufacture and etc..

Our products have already gained high reputation in Latin American, Southeast Asian we have set up a special study group to choose and develop various polymeric functional monomers so as to meet various idiographic requirements from all kinds of users. We maintain stringent quality control programs and observe international codes and practices, and are thereby able to cater to our clients satisfactorily.

We are looking forward to cooperating closely with all the partners in this line to expand our business for mutual benefits. We hope to strengthen and stabilize the cooperation with our old and new friends to have more agents and distributors in the world markets.