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Polyacrylamide Used for Oil Industry

It used for drilling mud additives, can reduce the friction of the drill bit to extend the service life of drill bits to improve the penetration rate and the footage, reduce the time for drilling the plug, the collapse of effective anti-wells, in addition to thickening the water used in flooding, fracturing fluid and selective water shutoff, for Enhanced Oil Recovery Significant Effect;

Oil field water treatment to deal with the recovery of oil.


Technical Specification: 


Solid Content


Degree of Hydrolysis(%)

Dissolving Time(min)

Molecular Weight(million)

White Powder










Packing :

Its shelf-life is 2 years and  follow  non-dangerous transportation; The solid products are packed in kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag, with each bag containing 25 kgs/20kgs or in accordance with customers' demand.